Our Mission

Farmshop CBD Inc. is committed to revolutionizing the cannabinoid industry by invoking transparency and setting the highest standards from Farm to Shop™

We are incredibly passionate about the health benefits derived from the hemp plant, and we strive to educate consumers to take an active role in their health.

A Percentage of proceeds will be donated to help find a cure for cancer.


I am so pleased to introduce you to Farmshop CBD’s line of premium products.   

As a daily CBD product user and now Founder/CEO of Farmshop CBD Inc., I have learned that not all CBD is created equal.  Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for consumers to determine which CBD brands and products are trustworthy. With the growth in popularity of CBD, new brands and merchants are coming out every day with promises to offer you the best, high-quality product. However, there are currently very few regulations to help monitor and regulate these claims.  This inspired me to ensure all Farmshop CBD products meet our stringent Farm to Shop™ process offering you transparent products with predictable CBD results,

Thank you for your trust.  Your health and wellness is my daily driving force.

Carrie Birkel


Our Team

Carrie Birkel

Founder - CEO

Carrie Anne Birkel, a San Francisco Bay Area-based entrepreneurial force, now brings her innovative vision into the CBD consumer product arena as Founder and CEO of Farmshop CBD Inc.

Carrie began her career in the liquor industry as the National Sales Manager at Seagram’s Escapes. She later found herself within the luxury wine marketplace, expanding her interests into research and development within a variety of patents and inventions.  She eventually founded her own venture capital fund, which participates in a wide range of ventures, including West Coast real estate development and a national wholesale and retail fashion design enterprise. 

Carrie in now is focused on bringing her entrepreneurial spirt and passion for health advocacy to Farmshop CBD Inc. Her vision of a CBD hemp-based innovative product development, sales and distribution company has resulted in the introduction of Farmshop’s CBD X Series™.  She is driven to promote the benefits of CBD and to ensure transparency throughout the Farm to Shop™ process.

Hartley Miller


Hartley Miller is a dynamic results oriented, senior executive with 25 years of significant entrepreneurial, operational, marketing and sales expertise in the health, sports, entertainment and media industry.

Most recently, Mr. Miller served as Chief Operating/Revenue Officer for Arizona-based Tailstorm Health Inc. (Valley of the Sun Pharmacy), a specialty pharmacy focused on high touch disease states (Hepatitis-C, HIV, GI, Rheumatology, Diabetes). The company’s integrated health care approach between patient and physician (MA, NP, Nurse, etc) and PSAO resulted in being recognized by Inc. 5000 in 2017 and 2018 as one of fastest growing companies in America and recently sold to CVS Pharmacy. 

As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Miller will ensure effective and efficient deployment of Farmshop CBD’s vision and goals through its Farm to Shop™ process. Farmshop CBD will integrate the needs of consumers, farmers, distributors, retailers and healthcare providers as the fast-paced CBD market morphs into a mainstream consumer product offering.

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